Where individuals grow and excel

Where Individuals Grow and Excel

The value of a company is its employees

At HeliService, we firmly believe in this statement. In an industry that relies heavily on qualified personnel, staff development is critical to ensuring a thriving business
In fact, we would argue that companies that have a structured and thorough people development process will be successful.
That is why we have made a conscious decision to give personnel development the highest priority at HeliService. Personnel development must not be left to chance, convenience, or external circumstances – personnel development must be a structured process, a program for each individual employee. Completely independent of the level at which an employee starts at HeliService or how long they have been with the company.
What our personnel development philosophy is, what it involves in concrete terms and how the personnel development process works in practice is expressed in the HeliService Academy.

At the Very Top of HeliService Philosophy Stands: People!

With the HeliService Academy, HeliService therefore operates its own holistic training and development centre. But it is not only our own employees who benefit from being trained by highly experienced instructors; external employees also have a wide range of practical and theoretical training options to choose from.
Internally, we offer numerous dual apprenticeships, as well as traditional training in the areas of maintenance, flight operations and administration. We want our employees to have a long-term track record of success, and therefore facilitate individual coaching and training.
To be allowed to fly in a high-performance offshore helicopter, various safety training courses are required. HeliService therefore provides flight operations and training for customers and partners from a single source. For example, the obligatory Hoist and HUET training (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training). But the HeliService Academy also offers certification of external aircraft mechanics by highly experienced instructors.
The uncompromisingly high quality of flight operations requires both theoretical and practical know-how. Accordingly, HeliService offers classic, technical as well as practical, realistic training. And, of course, hybrid training with elements from both areas.
HeliService has numerous training and advanced training facilities, such as its own hoisting tower in Emden, where abseiling onto a wind turbine can be practiced realistically, but cost-effectively. Experienced instructors and hoist operators are available to our customers for this purpose. In addition, we cooperate with industry-leading, external providers in helicopter simulator training.
Training rooms with state-of-the-art presentation technology and excellent infrastructure are available for theoretical training at the Munich and Emden locations. Overnight accommodation is provided by the company’s own HeliHouses in the immediate vicinity of the training and conference rooms.
As comprehensive as the range of services offered as one of the largest commercial helicopter airlines, HeliService’s training options are equally wide-ranging. These include all those required for flight operations, maintenance, and numerous company-relevant professions.
All around flight operations, HeliService offers numerous customized trainings, courses and certificates. These include:
  • Pilot Type Ratings
  • OPC and LPC trainings
  • Recurrent Trainings
  • HUET Trainings (conducted by partner companies)
  • CRM Trainings
  • Hoist Trainings
As one of only 6 Leonardo Excellent Centres worldwide, HeliService can provide in-house and top-level trainings in all professional fields related to the maintenance of Leonardo and Airbus helicopters. These include:
  • Type rating trainings
  • License extensions
  • On the Job Trainings
  • ESD Trainings
  • Battery Maintenance Training
As an internationally operating company with in-house CAMO and numerous administrative activities, HeliService continuously trains and educates its employees. In the future, the number of apprenticeships and continuing education opportunities will continue to grow. Already today, training opportunities include:
  • Apprenticeships Management Assistant for Office Communication
  • Apprenticeships Qualified IT Specialist
  • Apprenticeships Warehouse Logistics Specialists
  • Communication Trainings
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The principle of our philosophy will remain: We believe in people! People are our most important asset. Developing our personnel makes economic sense - we are destined to get the best out of our people, and that means we want to develop and support them as much as we can.

J.O. Freiland



K. Kopfer

Head of Human Resources