Expertise and experience for
3rd party customers

Expertise and Experience for 3rd
party customers

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In order to offer customers, the best possible maintenance service, in terms of quality, price and time, HeliService works according to five basic principles.
Strict adherence to these principles is part of Heli Service’s success and a guarantee for the high operational capability and safety of the serviced helicopters.
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At the Very Top of HeliService Philosophy Stands: People!

With the HeliService Academy, HeliService therefore operates its own holistic training and development centre. But it is not only our own employees who benefit from being trained by highly experienced instructors; external employees also have a wide range of practical and theoretical training options to choose from.

Other Additional Company Benefits


Reaction Time to Customer Requests

If technical support is requested, HeliService will contact OEMs complementary 24/7 remote technical assistance.e

Response Time to Deploy Technical Recourses

In case of AOG requirements, HeliService will deploy a qualified repair team within 24 hours from Emden to the customer’s site.

Compliance to Quoted Price

We offer flat rates for basic inspections. Any changes to the plan which changes the price will be subject to prior customer approval. technical assistance.

Availability of Parts

HeliService’s own parts supply ensures a high availably of parts. In addition, early and detailed planning allows us to look ahead and ensure we order parts in time. As Authorized Leonardo Excellent Service Centre, we do have a broad access to parts in the worldwide network.

Maintenance Task Completion as Promised

We plan effectively so that we start and complete each maintenance event to customer requirements. Any change which may be required during maintenance actions are clearly communicated to the customer.

HeliService’s Maintenance Facilities

Facility Emden

Our main maintenance base in Emden, Germany, is an accredited Authorized Leonardo Excellent Service Centre, offering our customers the same high standards of maintenance as our own offshore operation demands, across the range of AW109, AW139 and AW169 helicopters and with all the advantages of the close relationship and responsive support of Leonardo helicopters. Upon request we are also able to provide maintenance support for various Airbus helicopter types.

Facility Munich/Oberpfaffenhofen

At the airport of Oberpfaffenhofen some 20km distant from the city centre of Munich, HeliService has established a large, dedicated maintenance centre for corporate aircraft. The facility is fully secured, with a large hangar, workshops, parts storage, offices, as well as a meeting room and customer lounge.
The airport of Munich/Oberpfaffenhofen is privately owned and operated. It can accommodate medium to large jets and is 24/365 accessible for its customers.



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