Passenger Handling

Smooth check-in process,
save flight.

Smooth Check-In Process, Save Flight.

Professional Check-In Service

The professional check-in at HeliService begins with the reception of passengers, who are served drinks and small snacks during their waiting time until departure. There, the passengers are already sorted into groups for the upcoming flights. A HeliService speciality: Combined flights. On these flights, several customers can fly their employees to the platforms. This saves time and costs.

Smooth Flight Processing

Passengers and baggage are weighed so that an efficient flight planning can be made. Seamless communication between Ground and Flight Operations is the be-all and end-all for smooth and delay-free flight processing for passengers.

Safety Briefing

While passengers receive instructions on the proper and safe use of personal protective equipment, as well as a briefing on emergency procedures and information about the helicopter types AW139 and AW169, the check-in personnel handle baggage and cargo. They ensure that all luggage and cargo are correctly assigned to their respective flight destinations.

Personal Protective Equipment

For a flight over open sea, it is mandatory that each passenger is equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE). Before entering a contract with HeliService, companies select the individual components of the PPE required for their guests. HeliService works with all major suppliers of survival suits and life jackets. From a pool of the intended suits and vests, adjusted to the respective size of the guests, the appropriate protective equipment is handed over. The handling staff takes care of pre- and post-processing of the suits. After 5 years, the suits are returned to the manufacturer and major maintenance is performed


After the safety briefing, passengers put on their PPE in the spacious changing rooms, the correct fit of which is checked by HeliService staff before leaving the check-in area. Immediately before takeoff, check-in staff escort passengers to their helicopter and assist in fastening seat belts, if necessary. The previously checked-in luggage is already in the helicopter at this point. As soon as the doors of the helicopter are closed, an experienced HeliService flight crew takes the helm and ensures a safe and relaxed journey to the destination.