Crew Change

Highly reliable and fast via

Highly Reliable and Fast via Helicopter

Less Transit Time – Improved Efficiency

Besides the transportation of individual technicians and engineers to a single wind turbine, the most efficient and safest way to exchange personnel is via helicopter – a so called crew change operation. The aim is to ensure a smooth exchange of personnel with minimal disruption to schedule, regardless of weather conditions. The transport by helicopter shows its advantages over surface vessels to the maximum. This is made possible using modern high-performance AW139 type helicopters, in combination with the more than 30 years of experience in offshore logistics that HeliService offers.
While vessel transport causes long, unproductive transport times, the passengers in a HeliService helicopter spend only a few minutes in the air in comparison. A productivity advantage that increases with the number of passengers.
At the same time, the flight passengers are not exposed to wind and weather conditions or high waves and the associated risks of accidents or discomfort. The helicopter flight is much more comfortable and ensures significantly lower CO₂ emissions per passenger.

Leonardo AW139 – The Pack Animal

Leonardo AW139 HeliService
As a pioneer in offshore wind transportation, HeliService recognized very early on how the AW139 and AW169 helicopters can be utilized to service offshore wind construction and operations. Both aircrafts are designed for offshore operations, with substantial power reserves and enough space to transport between 8 and 12 passengers.
With its 12 passenger seats, the HeliService AW139 makes it possible to completely disembark even large crews of an offshore wind or oil service platform in the shortest possible time. For smaller crew changes, HeliService offers the AW169, available in an eight-seat configuration, with corresponding cost advantages. The decades of experience and the size and variety of the HeliService helicopter fleet guarantee high operational flexibility.