Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Rental of Personal Protective

Rental of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Our Models

Survival Suit 1000 Series

Survival Suit 1000 Series

1000 Series Survival Suit “Wind Energy”

Manufacturer – Survitec

SEA WIND III Immersion Suit

Hansen Protection

PS4003.V10/PS4002 Survival Suit



SHARK LAP Life Jacket

Emergency Breathing System

MK50 Life Jacket

Emergency Breathing System


Emergency Breathing System
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Specially Developed Equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE), consisting of survival suit and life jacket, is an essential and mandatory feature for every passenger on an offshore flight. As a full-service operator, HeliService also offers in-house rental, cleaning and maintenance of protective equipment, which is especially developed for offshore flights, thus saving customers additional effort and costs.

Tailored To Fit

PPE consists of one survival suit, one life jacket and one personal radio beacon (PLB) for each passenger. Different models of survival suits from different manufacturers are available. A pre-selection of the components is determined before the contract is signed by the companies. The PPE is tailored to fit and adapted to further activity before departure and being issued to passengers. Approved life jackets are also provided for the suits, which are equipped with a PLB and an EBS (Escape Breathing System). The EBS is a small breathing air bottle (STASS) from which, similar to diving, the passenger is supplied with breathing air in an emergency.

Hygienically Sound and Reliable​

The protective equipment is put on in spacious dressing rooms. The correct fit of the equipment is checked before departure by HeliService personnel.
Upon return, HeliService will undertake the complete cleaning, maintenance and treatment so that every passenger is always provided with hygienically sound and reliable protective equipment.

This equipment is provided by the partners WSD, HeliPPE and Nautilus.