Customer Information Portal

CIP – Platform for relevant

CIP – Platform for Relevant Information

Information and Collaboration

HeliService has developed a Customer Information Portal for our customers and business partners – in short CIP. The CIP is meant to be the place or platform where our customers can find all relevant information concerning flight operations and adjacent topics, such as Health, Safety & Environment (HSE), Customs, Contractual information, and others. The CIP further contains Key Performance Indicators, which will be individually developed according to the specific customers need. The CIP is an information and collaboration platform providing our customers and business partners the full breadth of information available. It is further meant as a central location, where all relevant information and documentation is stored and administered. The content for our customers is typically updated once a week. Upon request, we can change the update frequency.

HeliService’s CIP has been designed and built by HeliService; it is our intellectual property.
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CIP Flight Ops

Within the Flight Operations section the customer can find detailed information on the flights conducted and planned. The information entails, legs flown, actual flight time and block time as well as Personal Protection Equipment, which is currently rented to the customer. It further entails the number of passengers which were on each flight leg.

Flight Operations

If required, we can provide additional information such as the total weight which was loaded onto the helicopter, detailed fuel consumption per flight and/or overviews about transported custom goods split into exported and imported goods.

Contract & Invoices

Within the Contract & Invoices section all such documents are stored and readily accessible for our customers. With that the customer has access to all current contracts and further agreements, but also to any invoices and/or credit notes, HeliService provided to the customer so far, i.e. in the past.

Key Performance Indicators

The Key Performance Indicators section shows performance data on the flights conducted but can go beyond the sheer flight operation to adjacent areas. Prior to a contract start, but also within a running contract we discuss relevant performance data / need with our customers and thereafter compile a set of KPIs accordingly. Those KPIs are for instance: punctuality, CO2 emission per pax, average time to close open findings, and the percentage of combined flights which directly results in direct reduction of the project cost. For many of our customers this section is especially important, and thus, we customize it according to the specific information needs of the customer. With that we have a certain set of KPIs for each of our customers, each different, as customers have different needs on information.

Quality, Safety & Compliance

Within the Quality, Safety & Compliance section, we store any documents which are of relevance for the operation. Those can be operation procedures and guidelines of HeliService, as well as any other documents of importance provided by the customer. Relevant procedures related to Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) and/or measures and precautions are also stored and administered in this section.

In addition, HeliService uses this section to make safety videos / safety cards available to our customers. Within this section an anonymous Safety Report can be written by our customer.

Projects and To Do

The Projects and To Do’s section is the place where for example minutes of meetings are located. It is also used to store and administer documents and general information for ongoing and/or upcoming projects. Additionally, we use this section to create reminders when jour fixes take place, and/or contract renewals must be arranged. It is further used to capture open items and To Do’s, including the responsible owner and the status of the respective item.

Overall: This is the general project management section.

Contact Details

Within the Contact Details section, the customer has the full overview of the relevant parties for his operation.

Regardless, of which department the customer has questions about; the contact details are available in this section. This includes Flight Operation, HSE and Ground Operation as well as Accounting and Project Management. Overall: This is the general project management section.


K. Nörder

Head of Dispatch