Clients we are proud to work for


We are Thankful for our Clients for their Trust and good Cooperation

HeliService’s commitment, its reliability and flexibility are appreciated and confirmed by our customers, and that applies to both pre-planned and short notice operations.
HeliService has been a long-term partner to Siemens Gamesa; I believe we can claim with proudness that we have been a most reliable supplier throughout the years. We encourage you to look up some details of our track record, as it is anything but the normal standard, that a helicopter is actually able to provide flights whenever requested from its customer.
Below please find a depiction of our overall customer base; you will see that we have business relationships with nearly all major offshore wind power industry participants. The table below gives an indication of our experience in Crew Change (CC) and Cargo Flights (CF) from and to OWPs as well as Hoist Operations (HHO) to Wind Turbines.

We Thank our Clients for their Trust and good Cooperation


Cooperation Partners