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Leading in Transportation

Transporting maintenance personnel by high-performance helicopter to offshore wind farms offers energy companies numerous advantages. No matter if up to 12 employees and landing on a service platform or hoisting directly on a wind turbine: Transport by HeliService helicopter is particularly weather independent, minimizes the sometimes-considerable transport times of maintenance personnel and emits significantly less CO2 per passenger than transport by ship. At the same time, standing wind turbines can more quickly generate sustainable electricity.

Excellence Centre Leonardo

The IMS-supported, professional inhouse maintenance of the company´s state-of-the-art helicopter fleet not only benefits HeliService`s offshore flight operations. As an Excellence Leonardo Service Centre, HeliService offers maintenance of the Leonardo model AW109, AW139, AW169 as well as the Airbus helicopters H145C2 and H145D2 external helicopter operators. The most significant advantage for external customers, corporations, military, and private individuals: The absolute time and cost commitment and the web-bases Customer Information Portal (CIP). Here customers can view the maintenance status of their helicopters in real-time.

Reliable and Safe

Heli Service’s third field of activity is Helicopter Emergency Service (HEMS). In other words, it provides aircrew and appropriately equipped helicopters for sea rescue. Again, this is an activity in which Heli Service’s maintenance and offshore know-how come into their own.

Worldwide Number One in Offshore
Transportation: Hoist Operation,
Crew Change and Cargo Logistic

Supporting Sustainable Energy

With its focus on offshore transportation, maintenance for Leonardo and Airbus helicopters and HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service), and over 30 years of experience, HeliService is one of the world’s leading helicopter companies.

HeliService is headquartered in Germany and ensures the safe flight operations of Leonardo and Airbus helicopters worldwide. With its offshore transport services, HeliService significantly supports the important energy transition towards sustainable energy production through regenerative wind power.
Supporting Sustainable Energy HeliService

Top four Benefits of Intelligent Offshore Logistic by Helicopter

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Media Day with OMEXOM and “Der Deutschen Presseagentur”

Partnering with our client OMEXOM, HeliService is setting new standards in offshore wind energy. The MOPO article and 173 other articles around Germany explore the journey from pioneering efforts to a booming industry and also the big need of personnel.

European Rotors

Reflecting on a fantastic showcase at the EUROPEAN ROTORS Expo in Madrid ES HeliService was thrilled to unveil our helicopter maintenance solutions, demonstrating our commitment to excellence in aircraft care.

Partnership with University Politecnico di Torino in Italy

We are happy and proud to announce you that HeliService officialises its partnership with the University Politecnico di Torino in Italy!

Future Day 2023 in Emden

We welcomed eleven children at our site in Emden – true to the motto: „The Future starts now“ – we had an insightful and, above all, informative day. To give them a real insight into the day-to-day work of our company and even deeper into a Helicopter, we had a tour around our hangars and our fleet.

HeliService continues with the OMEXOM

HeliService is thrilled to announce that the company has been awarded a new contract with Omexom, commencing on April 1st, 2023, for a duration of 2 years with 2 options for extension, each for 12 months, making it a total of 4 years maximum.

HeliService @WindEurope Copenhagen

In April the annual WindEurope fair took place in Copenhagen. HeliService was there with a booth and 4 employees as the only offshore helicopter logistics provider.

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As an international and globally growing company, HeliService offers numerous opportunities and possibilities. HeliService is one of the world´s leading helicopter maintenance companies (MRO) and with offshore as its core business, HeliService is in an absolute growth market.

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Better for the environment
(CO2 reduction)

Better for the environment
(CO2 reduction)

Higher productivity
of personnel

Safer: 33.3 % of all high
potential incidents
happen on vessels

Higher availability
of transportation