Quality, Safety and Compliance

Quality, Safety and Compliance

Safety & Compliance – What is it?

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) mandates complex air operators, such as HeliService, to have a Compliance Monitoring and a Safety Management System in place. But what does that actually mean?
HeliService helicopter Safety Compliance


Compliance Management is a Set of Processes (System) to Ensure Compliance through:

  • Direct Link between the Civil Aviation Authority and the Accountable Manager
  • Gathering relevant regulations, standards
  • System assessment of all applicable documents (regulations, standards, and contracts)
  • Developing, documenting, and implementing the system (management system) in accordance with a set of processes to ensure compliance through:
    • Continuous monitoring and amending own processes (monitoring by managers)
    • Independent Quality Audits in the Maintenance System and Process
  • Independent Quality Audits of the Product (Aircraft)
  • Independent Quality Audits of the Suppliers
  • Independent Quality Audits of all approved Line and Base Stations
  • Oversight of Technician Licenses and Authorizations
  • Non-compliance assessment and correction (RCA, corrective/preventive action)
  • Regular management system (management and operational processes) review and evaluation (continuous improvement)